Challenge Complete!

It’s officially over! The $30/week challenge is over! I have proved we could do it and depleted our stores in the process, but it was a good cleansing. At last update I had $10 cash. I now know why I don’t use cash: I have no way to account for it. If I spend a dollar here and a couple at a garage sale… I don’t have any way to go back and track it.

Anyways… $10. With that $10 I spent $2.09 on a gallon of milk, $1.04 on tortillas, and $6 toward a dresser (the one I still need to post about). I have $.38 left and I guess the rest probably went toward tolls from last weekend. So basically I had a surplus of $6.87!!! Can you believe that I not only fed both of us on $30/week, but that I had $6.87 left over!?! I can’t.

Week 5: Shopping again…

Well… this should have been posted last Friday, but then some things happened (we – Avelea and I – made a quick trip to Kansas for my great grandma’s funeral). I’m a little behind on my posting, so I may be doing multiple postings. You might want to keep checking back so you don’t miss one. Anyways… we have some stuff left from the previous trip, so this trip was a little easier, but still tight. I shouldn’t have gone hungry though, because it was hard to tell myself “no” time and time again! Also, poor miss Avie was ready to be done before we even made it to the last store. :(

Week 3: Menu

After a long weekend, it always takes me a while to get back into the swing of things, so this week has been a little helter skelter. Anyways, when I was shopping last week, I ran into a friend who asked how the challenge was going and said something to the effect of, “are you eating, like, good food?” So I thought I’d continue to share our menu so you all know we’re not starving or eating gruel or something. So here’s what we’ve had/will have this week from what I purchased last week…