Week 5: Shopping again…

June 13, 2012

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Well… this should have been posted last Friday, but then some things happened (we – Avelea and I – made a quick trip to Kansas for my great grandma’s funeral). I’m a little behind on my posting, so I may be doing multiple postings. You might want to keep checking back so you don’t miss one. Anyways… we have some stuff left from the previous trip, so this trip was a little easier, but still tight. I shouldn’t have gone hungry though, because it was hard to tell myself “no” time and time again! Also, poor miss Avie was ready to be done before we even made it to the last store.  :(


Bone-in pork chops for $1.79/lb!
Total – $4.94


This picture is missing a banana that I ate because I went shopping hungry, and the orange juice I forgot about until I unpacked it. The Natural Bliss coffee creamer was $2.28 and I had 2 $1 coupons that were expiring today, making them $1.28 each. I’ve also been craving popcorn, but the microwave kind is expensive, so I thought I’d try something different: popping my own. Lastly the bananas were $.48/pound.
Total – $ 7.02


Got some pasta, mac ‘n cheese, apples, cheese, milk and eggs. I finally got the rest of the stuff I needed for making the freezer burritos I found over at MoneySavingMom. That included some refried beans, taco seasoning and tomato paste (to make enchilada sauce). Because I was hungry, I got wheat thins to eat with peanut butter when I got home and I splurged on a little chocolate because I have to have a little sweet before bed and one square of chocolate is better for me than a whole bowl of ice cream.
Total: $20.47

So far this month I have spent  $30 on my first shopping trip (because half of it was for the end of May) and $32.43 in this trip, which makes for a grand total of $62.43 in the first two weeks, and leaves $57.57. However, we splurged on sushi for Ansen’s birthday, and we’ve used several left over things for other meals (not to mention all the salmon in our freezer for the rest of the month!), so I thought I might try to incorporate that ($32.51). That actually leaves me with $25.06.

After one quick shopping today, I have $17.20 left from my last withdrawal. I don’t have a picture, but I got tortilla chips, bell peppers, 2 avocados, chili powder, plain yogurt and provolone cheese slices. The total was $10.27. Now you will notice that the $25.06 left minus this $10.27 does not equal $17.20, but since we originally said the sushi wouldn’t count, we’ll let the $2.41 slide. Or rather we’ll say that the portion of the sushi that doesn’t count was $2.41. Either way, I have $17.20 left for the rest of the month! This could get fun. Tomorrow I’ll be post my latest menus.