When the Whole World Stops

April 10, 2020

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We are in such a divinely unique time right now. We’ve each experienced this feeling individually, when our world stops. The birth of a new baby. The death of a loved one. The loss of a job. A big move. The thing is, in each of these things, it is only us who’s lives stop and stand still. Everyone else’s lives continue on. We fear we are missing out and cannot participate with what is normal. As soon as possible, we rush back into normalcy without a thought toward what is actually good, not just what we’ve always done or what everyone else is doing.

But this time. This time it’s different. This time we stand on a precipice together. The whole world. Waiting with bated breath. Some are affected more drastically than others, but no one has been left untouched by this season. And it is in this season that we have the opportunity to rewrite the rhythms and routines of our lives. To choose with purpose, not just what is easy, what everyone else is doing, what we’ve always done, but what is good. If we seize this opportunity, we get to decide what things truly belong in our lives and what things to let go of. What things are most important and what are simply the “tyranny of the urgent.” We get to Marie Kondo our practices, not just our possessions.

There is no fear of missing out, because the rest of the world sits right here along with us. Oh, we might be able to play the comparison game on social media, but no one else is doing anything in the outside world either. There is no pressure to do, have, or be anything that doesn’t exist in the four walls of our homes.

We also have the opportunity to be primed and ready, for when the floodgates are open, and our world picks back up again, spinning on as it has before. Here, we can choose what goes with us through that door, and what stays behind with the “pre-Corona” world. What will you take with you?

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