Looking for a blast from the past?  You’ve come to the right place!

In the interest of preservation, any past blogs from the Bayer household members have been archived here, in a cool and dry environment.

Just remember that posts from archived blogs are written by much younger and less grown-up versions of ourselves.  We are not responsible for the nature of the content you may find. Alright, we are…but we’re just hoping you’ll excuse the lack of maturity.

Ansen Lays It On

In steady operation from 2005 through 2007 (and sporadically beyond that), “Ansen Lays It On” is more or less an online diary from Ansen’s late high-school and early college years.

PrincessDria’s Xanga

Amandria’s high-school and early-college running diary. Hosted on the previously popular Xanga, many of the posts are simple one-liners or paragraphs describing a current mood or feeling.

Imago Dei

Primarily used throughout 2010, this blog was used by Dri when she was a new youth pastor fresh out of college. Some posts focus on the spiritual, while others are personal. Many are both.

My Name is Ansen

Ansen’s second blog with his own name in the title, this blog was a rather short-lived site used primarily during 2010 in conjunction with Dri’s blogging on Imago Dei.

How to Grow a Kumquat

Dri’s pregnancy blog, used in 2011 and early 2012. Describes the journey embarked on in order to bring one little Avelea (formerly known as Kumquat) into the world!

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