It’s alive! It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE!

It has been a wonderful, glorious, rough past 3 (almost 4 months) making the transition into parenthood. Yes, that sweet baby is worth every minute of lost sleep, every ear piercing cry, every exploding diaper, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that it’s also been hard. Nothing anyone can say can possibly prepare you for the joys or the woes of being a first time parent. They’ll tell you you won’t sleep for a month, but until you’ve experienced it, you can’t really know the toll that no sleep can have on you. They’ll tell you that you’ll love that child more than life itself, but you won’t know the heart wrenching depth of that until they sleep for 5 hours the first time and you fear they have stopped breathing! (Can I get an Amen?)

Very Long Short Week

Ahhh… man, it’s been a long week (and it didn’t even begin until Tuesday!). And I’m finally sitting here in my jammies with a (decaf) latte, listening to Johnny Cash. I can thank Ansen for the inspiration, but it fits the mood of this cloudy day. Some of the laundry is done. Most of the dishes are clean. You can see the floor of our bedroom again. The baby is sleeping. I just finished a couple of loads of laundry. Now to recap this crazy (fussy) week.

I don’t know if Avelea is having a growth spurt, teething, out of her routine because of travel, or all of the above, but she has been mostly fussy every single day this week. I know babies sometimes just need to cry, but seriously, I have a perpetual headache from the constant wailing. We did have a tiny little bright spot today, though.

Target Trip and a Crabby Baby

Yesterday was a busy day:

  • Work meeting at the church.
  • Other work party – Field Agent is 2 years old!!
  • Target
  • Sonic for half priced drinks!
  • Make sure Allstate took sold car off of insurance
  • Buy a Sunday paper (luckily they still have them on a Tuesday)
  • Take half price drink to hubby
  • Chat with Vonda
  • Take walk with hubby
  • Finally home to make and eat dinner

Ain’t that a shot in the arm?

Or the thigh? Well, 3 total, actually. And one vaccine by mouth. Monday was Avie’s 2 month check up… and it came with shots. I know there are all kinds of controversies regarding whether to immunize or not, so we’ll just skip that part and get right on to the fact that she got them, and they made for one unhappy little lady.

Or, maybe it was just an excuse to cuddle her on the couch once we finally got home, but cuddle we did. I’d like to think it made her feel better, but I think I had rather selfish motives. It made me feel better about the fact that she was fussy and that her little legs hurt. I don’t think I can forget her little face. Uncertainty. Complete shock. Realization. Pain. And cue the frantic crying…

Unexpectedly Deep Love

So Sunday, the Mr. Puppy was not doing so well.  I was gone almost all day, but when Ansen got home from church about noon, the little guy went to sleep on the air mattress in the office. He didn’t […]