What System Do I Use?

Let’s say you’ve recognized that you need a budget. And you’ve even written one out on paper (or an excel spreadsheet). But now how do you practically live it out? There are a couple of schools of thought. The big […]


Where Do I Even Start?

Budgeting can seem overwhelming. It’s downright scary to face the facts and see what’s really there. But there’s good news! Facing it head on with a plan will get you where you want to be a whole lot faster than […]


What Even is a Budget?

Budgeting is a passion of mine, because I have tasted both the weight of debt and the freedom of budgeting. Let me start by saying that Ansen and I don’t have it all figured out. However, we have worked through […]


New Year: Same Old Passions

It’s a new year and every talks about New Years Resolutions. Most of us have broken them by this time. I don’t really get into them because, let’s be honest, if I need to start something new, I’m not magically […]


A New Coffee Table

I wrote this in October and apparently never posted it. Ooops. So here’s the story of my coffee table, a little late. With a lot of help from my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, we made a coffee table to celebrate my […]