Build-Your-Own Sundae Bar Birthday

Being 8 months pregnant, I decided that if Avie was, in fact, going to have a birthday party, it had to be simple. I’m sort of torn between the fun, excitement of having a birthday party and “does a 3 year old really care?” I settled somewhere between, being the “guardian of birthdays” (which I recently discovered I am in a Myers-Briggs test). We can have a party, but keep it simple… or as simple as this crazy let’s-do-all-the-things momma can be. So we did a build-your-own sundae bar!


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Play Kitchen

For Avie’s birthday, we decided that it would be really fun to give her a play kitchen for all of her kitchen-type itmes to go. After checking out the plastic ones that are rather cheaply made, but not cheap… I though, “hey, I can make one.” And then, after looking for an end-table to turn into a kitchen, immediately regretted that decision.

But, my parents (and siblings) graciously let me have this one:


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Third Trimester


Well, the fun time of happy pregnancy is over. We are officially in the “if I drop it on the floor it’s a lost cause” phase. Thankfully, I have a very helpful pre-schooler (also a newly official thing) who is happy to pick up mommy’s dropped things. With only 8 weeks left, I was starting to feel the pressure. Now with only 4-ish, I’m just trying to stay calm and soldier on.

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Switching Rooms

Oh my long neglected blog. It’s been months (months!?!) since I’ve written. Holy cow. So this has been a long time coming. But after we found out that baby #2 was coming and there wasn’t much of a chance of a bigger home right now, we decided to switch the office and Avie’s bedroom because the office is slightly bigger for sharing.

The good news is that the gray chevron that we spent forever on still works well for a little girls room. In fact, before we knew that we’re having a second girl, we knew that the gray chevron would be versatile enough to be a boy/girl room if need be.

We didn’t really have to do much but move things and put up all the existing decorations. There weren’t any added expenses, but I think it turned out pretty cute.


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Perks of the 2nd Trimester

We’ve been cruising in the second trimester for a while and I’m quite happy to be here. There are actually quite a few perks of being in this sweet spot.

– Less nausea and no throwing up (at least for me)
– Starting to feel kicks and movement
– Not yet the size of a house
– Actually being able to wear cute maternity clothes
– Beginning to get excited about baby #2
– Finding out the gender

Speaking of gender…

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A Big Girl Bed

Nesting this time around does NOT mean sanding and staining a crib and changing table/dresser. Because luckily, I’ve already done that. But it does mean moving big sister into a new big girl bed. The thing is, I didn’t like the style of a lot of twin bed frames that are relatively cheap. AND the […]

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5 Best and Worst Things to Throw Up

*Warning, this contains graphic descriptions of real life experiences with “nausea and vomiting of pregnancy” (which is the technical medical name). Reader discretion advised. Particularly if you don’t have kids yet.

You know that feeling when you’ve had the flu for like a week and you are staring to feel sort of “normal” again? But you’re still very cautiously optimistic about it? Like, you’re suddenly ravenous, but you’re still afraid to eat anything but chicken noodle soup for another day? And you feel like sitting up, but there’s just a tiny lingering of the dizziness, but you actually got dressed today?

That’s kind of how I’m starting to feel. Only it wasn’t a week of the flu, it was like, 10 weeks of … well… nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (aka “morning” sickness). I think I can finally start to find the humor in it. Maybe. So as a guide for others, I’ve decided to write down some of my findings. Namely, the best, and worst things to throw up.

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First Trimester Recap

It is officially the second trimester, which means it’s time to recap the first one! Which pretty much sucked. I mean, we were certainly excited with the positive test. And we still are! But… throwing up every other day… not ok. Laying on the couch, not able to do normal stuff… not ok. Extreme exhaustion… […]

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An Announcement!

It’s been on Facebook for a while now and pretty much everyone knows, I guess I should announce it to the blogosphere. (That is a thing, right? Did I spell it right?)

Avie is finally going to be a big sister!! Or at least that’s how we told our family. In her 2 year old understanding, there is indeed a baby in mommy’s belly… and possibly one in her own. However, she has no idea what this will mean for this mama’s girl…

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Closing a Chapter

Well, the moving saga has come to an end… and not in the way we had hoped. After 3 months on the market, our perfect little house has had over 10 showings and only a few who were serious enough to go to the bank. Unfortunately, those didn’t work out. And here it sat, still […]

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