Super Awesome Packing Strategy

We’re moving! In like… 3 weeks! So I have to share my super awesome packing strategy, which seems to be working pretty smoothly so far. A few hiccups, but I’ll share those too.

As Ansen said, as extroverted as I am, I like systems more than people. So I set up the system before I started packing. Now everything goes smoothly into the system and it gets labeled and color coordinated. I honestly don’t feel like it was much more work than simply packing up, expect maybe the 30 minutes to an hour I used to get everything set up (including the shopping). Without further adieu…


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We’re moving!

We’re moving soon! Let me just preface this with our backstory. The TL:DR version is that we tried to by a house 2 years ago and it all fell through. It was heartbreaking. We were devastated. We stopped looking and just settled back into our house, had another baby, and life went on. Fast forward […]

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Rainbow Dash Birthday

My sweet first baby turned 4 in January. She is determined, independent, and head strong. She’s creative and funny. She has an insatiable appetite for someone to play with her. (Luckily, her playmate is growing as well!) She’s tall and sassy and loves her dresses. Avie also loves Rainbow Dash. She loves Elsa more now, […]

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Arwyn turns ONE!

I’m 10 days late on this one, but Arwyn has turned the big O-N-E. It has seemed like an immensely long and incredibly short year. But doesn’t it always?


This time, baby number two, we thought we knew what to expect. Turns out, we were wrong. We were in for a wild ride. From the very beginning, she’s thrown us for a bit of a loop…

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A Hard January

January has been particularly hard for our family, so I’m kind of glad it’s over. First, we each took our turn with the flu (or at least a very, very bad cold). And of course, we couldn’t just all have it at the same time. So we had sickness in our house for 2 full […]

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He Likes to be Asked

I’ve been putting off writing this post. Or really writing any post. But it’s time to just do it. So here goes…. Postpartum depression doesn’t always look like what you think. It doesn’t always happen in the neat little 6 week window when your doctor or midwife asks you all the questions to identify it […]

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Lessons in Patience and Humility

If Avie is a lesson in patience (which, let’s face it, what 3 year old isn’t), then Arwyn is a lesson in humility. After kiddo number one, I was pretty sure I had this parenting thing figured out. I mean, I’m not perfect, but I never doubted my ability.  She ate like a champ, so […]

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Fourth Trimester

Since little miss Arwyn is now 3 months old, we are officially past what some call the “Fourth Trimester”. And while I don’t adhere to the full belief in the fourth trimester, I think there is something to be said for transitioning from womb to world. Coming out of the other side, I feel like I’m […]

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First Family Vacation

This summer we are blessed with not one, but two family vacations. One to start and one to end the summer. So we started off the summer with a bang in Destin! A 12+ hour car ride with 2 littles (3 years and 2 months) was not my idea of fun, but we took our time […]

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No Mo’ Milk

I am not a bandwagon jumper. Especially when it comes to dietary issues. Ansen and I believe in an “everything in moderation” approach to pretty much everything food. I’m sure there are good things about those diets (you know which one’s I’m talking about), but let’s be real. We like food and all kinds. But […]

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