2014 Project

This year’s project is… dun-da-da-dun… The Living Room! After finishing up the office near the end of 2013 (and the finished result), I did a few short projects, like painting the kitchen and the laundry room upgrades. That means we’ve checked off the master bathroom, master bedroom, the guest bath, Avie’s nursery, the office and the kitchen… [...]

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Dotted Birthday Party!

Last weekend little miss Avie turned the big TWO! We had a dotted celebration with lots of friends and family. Using this very helpful pin (thanks Cake Central!), we made a polka dot cake. First, start with a cake mix and then using food dye, create your colors: Next, fill your cake pop pan and bake: [...]

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Birthday Sneak Peek!

Avie is turning 2! So we’re having a polka dot party! Here’s a quick little sneak peek at what I’ve been working on! I made her inviations (with the help of daddy designing the wording portion). At first, I had a compass like cutter to make the circles. On my goodness. Not an easy task. [...]

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A Week of Christmas!

I know it’s been half a  month, but it took us that long to recover from a week of Christmas! I just took the Christmas Tree down two days ago.  But let’s reminisce about the fun we had: First, we had a snowday before Christmas actually began. There was so much snow that the kids [...]

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Getting into the Christmas Spirit

I’m going to be honest, I’m having a little trouble getting into the Christmas Spirit, especially since the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is sooo short this year. It’s taken me all week to finally get the house decorated, switching out the regular for the seasonal… and I’m not really sure I’m done, but here’s [...]

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We have much to be thankful for this year. Life, health, provision. But you know, the one thing I am most thankful for, are the people in my life. Over the past few years we developed some wonderful friendships and even more recently, been able to take the friendships even deeper.

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Making laundry fun again… for a while

Each month, we have several accounts that we contribute to. They’re usually pretty small amounts, but that way we are always saving toward those things. One of those accounts is our “large household item” accounts, which is where we purchase… well… large household items. We’ve bought things like our bed, book shelves, paint for walls, [...]

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Warm Thoughts

Last night, it got down to like 18 degrees! Definitely makes me miss the awesome time we just had on our first vacation since our Honey Moon. We’ve been saving up for a LONG time (6 years to be exact) to finally be able to do something with just the two of us. But we [...]

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Chalkboard Frame

To finish off the kitchen, I had a fun project to fill this empty space. Previously, there were three tiny little plaques, but it needed something a little more… grand. My sister-in-law just completed at cool chalkboard piece for her mom and Ansen said, “hey, why don’t we do something like that.” So I got [...]

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Kitchen Nightmares

Since we’ve been talking and thinking about moving, but have yet to find the right house for us, I have decided to throw my energies into making our home the best that it can be until the time comes. It’s helping me to keep what little sanity I have by keeping me too busy to [...]

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