A Deeper Clean

The really cool thing about constant cleaning this month is that you can only surface clean the living room so many times before you run out of things to do! So now I can go deeper each time. ¬†Yesterday, I […]

Late Night Cleaning

During the 30-day cleaning challenge, weekends are free! So, I took this opportunity to work on a fun project: working on my craft desk! This is my second drawer organization system. This time with a little crazier paper. If you […]

Starting to Feel Like A Cleany

I think I’m starting to feel like a cleany. Or maybe I am a cleany, but I have (self-diagnosed) seasonal affective disorder and I simply cannot clean during the winter. Or maybe I just have more desire at the moment […]

Easter and Cleaning Confessions

This was Avie’s second Easter, but the first that she could actually participate. She was super cute in her Easter dress (thanks Nana!) and she mildly enjoyed picking up eggs.


It took a few seconds of convincing to get her to pick up an egg, but…