Starting to Feel Like A Cleany

April 5, 2013

by — Posted in Solutions

I think I’m starting to feel like a cleany. Or maybe I am a cleany, but I have (self-diagnosed) seasonal affective disorder and I simply cannot clean during the winter. Or maybe I just have more desire at the moment because I’ve had it up to here (you know where that is) and want my house back… and then too shall pass when something else becomes top priority.

All that to say, my 30-day cleaning challenge is going swimmingly. The kitchen and living room (Day1) have stayed mostly clean and only require basic dishes and toy picking up to maintain. The bathrooms (Day 2) are still clean. We’ve even been returning things to their drawers after using them. The bedrooms (Day 3) are staying clean. Avie’s always has toys out, but they have buckets and are easy enough to pick up right before bedtime. We’ve even managed to pick up our clothes and put them in the hamper (like any normal person) this week.

Bonus! Our night stands and dresser are clean (except some random stuff I’m not sure what to do with and socks missing their mate.

And the office (Day4) is making progress. It’s hard to call it “surface” cleaned when there are still so many things that need to be done in that room… but at least I made progress.

And… Day 5 is the living room and kitchen again. Since they’re fairly clean on a surface level (I dusted, vacuumed and put away things in the living room) I decided to focus on the kitchen. First, I cleaned the fridge, stove, microwave and spice rack. Then I worked on some organizing for my pantry cabinets. They get a little crazy sometimes, so I’ve been looking for some baskets to organize. I think I’ve found them:

Now vitamins are in one, candy is in one and teas are in one, easy to pull all of the out when searching for one item… instead of digging through the cabinet.

Since these come in a 2-pack, I had one left to use in my baking cabinet, so I can pull out all the small stuff when I need to get to my flour (which is larger and stored at the back). Smart thinking, Dri!

And this is the one that started it all. I just wanted a basket to put my coffee stuff in so I can pull it out and make a quick cup. But, my regular cabinets are 10.5 inches deep. Most baskets are 12… because that’s a regular shoe-box size. Dollar Tree had some adorable ones… but again, they’re 12 inches and too big. But finally, today at Walmart, I found this CD case holder (I know, if you’re under about 15 you don’t even remember what those are!) but it works perfectly!

Oh I love organizing and finding systems that work. How did it take me this long to finally do this? I’m thinking I may need some for my refrigerator now? Anyone else do that?