A Deeper Clean

April 10, 2013

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The really cool thing about constant cleaning this month is that you can only surface clean the living room so many times before you run out of things to do! So now I can go deeper each time.  Yesterday, I cleaned up Avie’s room and vacuumed both her room and the office.

Today: Deep Clean Living Room

To begin with, I took “surface” to mean, wiping down all the surfaces, so the dusting (for now) is already done. So… I decided to tackle this guy…

Avie likes to pull all the games and videos out of the bottom drawers and they got stacked up on the top… and then there’s all the magazines I may, or may not have actually read.

After emptying out the drawers and reorganizing, they fit much better.

I organized cords and used twisty ties to hold them together. AND, I found a DVD with the video Ansen made in college that he has been searching for high and low and thought it was long gone!

Now it looks more like this:

I even changed the tags on these bins to what are actually in them. Maybe I didn’t clean the baseboards and all, but I’m pretty happy with this cleaner shelving unit!

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