Here’s to Six Months

Today, my sweet baby is six months old. And I’m not sad about that. It’s been a wonderful six months… well, at least the last part. (That whole getting up multiple times a night thing and not yet interacting part […]

Running Errands

Man, getting pictures posted every day is hard! I think from now on, I’ll take pictures daily, but maybe only post every other day. Yesterday we ran lots of errands. Avie got a little bored.  At Walmart I got some […]

Garage Sale Weekend

This has been a crazy busy weekend wit the garage sale, so my apologies for not posting. Let’s start with the main event: The garage sale! My sister-in-law so graciously agreed to help me run this thing (and bring stuff so […]

Just Keep Swimming…

Today, we did our grocery shopping early. In fact, we were home by 2pm! Usually we miss the opportunity and have to wait until after nap time. But today we had a very special reason to be done early. We […]

Washing everything…

Well, today, I needed a shower… and Avie needed a bath. So we started the day with Avelea’s second shower ever. This time, we used the Bumbo (yeah, I know it says “not for use in a tub”) and it […]