Garage Sale Weekend

July 22, 2012

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This has been a crazy busy weekend wit the garage sale, so my apologies for not posting.

Let’s start with the main event: The garage sale! My sister-in-law so graciously agreed to help me run this thing (and bring stuff so it wasn’t a pitiful little sale). Saturday, my brother-in-law came too.

As you can tell, Friday morning we had plenty of big stuff to attract people. (And yes, I did steal this picture from her site.) Boy, was it crazy. We should have prepared a little more and had things set up before setting up signs because by the time I got back from putting up said signs, we were already getting customers. It didn’t take long before we were pretty swept out! Saturday we had almost nothing left when we opened and had very few customers in comparison to Friday. Lesson learned: Friday is a bigger garage sale day than Saturday, no matter what logic says. After it was all said and done, they were packing things up to take to Salvation Army (and I was putting Avie down for yet another nap) when some guy came by and asked if he could have it all. Of course they said, “Yes, please take it!” We weren’t quite as successful as 2 years ago when we had one medium sized box of stuff left, but we did luck out on not having to transport anything anywhere! Also, I made $160!

After a very successful garage sale, we were privileged to celebrate with our friends, the Hansens, as they found out the gender of their precious baby by cutting into this super cute cake!


It’s a girl!! And Avie has a new best friend!


She was so happy about it she made the scrunchy face. Ok, not really, but she keeps doing this, and last night she was mimicing me when I would do it… so we had to take a mother/daughter picture with the scrunchy face. Although, I don’t think it’s a very flattering picture of me, particularly because I look like a mouse. :-/ But she’s cute no matter what, so it’s worth the humiliation.


This morning (and for the whole month of July), our church has been collecting hygiene items for Saving Grace girls home. It’s for the girls who age out of foster care and don’t have anywhere else to go. It’s an amazing ministry that provides them with the skills they need to transition from childhood in foster care to independent young people out in the world. Anyways, I decided that I would collect all of my free samples from June until the end of July. And look how much free stuff these companies sent me. A couple of them were coupon deals that were “frieved” (free thieving, as in you get to legally take it out of the store for free and it kind of feels like stealing). We’ll see if I can’t find anything else for next week.

And that concludes my photos for the past few days. I wonder what this week will bring… oh, I know, a 6 month old and a 5 year anniversary!