Late Night Cleaning

April 8, 2013

by — Posted in Crafting, Solutions

During the 30-day cleaning challenge, weekends are free! So, I took this opportunity to work on a fun project: working on my craft desk!

This is my second drawer organization system. This time with a little crazier paper. If you notice on the right side and the front of the drawer are a little thicker. See I had an issue with it sliding around and not fitting from one side to the other, so I wrapped some cardboard in the paper too and wedged it in there so it will fit nice and snug.

And of course I filled it up immediately! Slowly but surely, the office will be finished! Still to go: shelves, painting, a new (smaller) computer desk, resize & paint the pallets for bed frame, find a second mattress, and find a couple of chairs. I think that will do it!

But today is Monday, and thus a new cleaning task… the floors. I didn’t have much time this afternoon, thus the late night cleaning. Since I vacuumed each room as I cleaned it last week, I decided to focus on the entry way. It’s a large tiled area that has pretty much never really been cleaned since we moved in… ok, that’s an exaggeration. We sweep it periodically and even occasionally mop it.

The problem is that even if I mop it, these tiles aren’t smooth or flat, there are lots of little spots that just accumulate dirty water rather than getting clean. This time, I decided to get down on my knees with a wash cloth and clean each tile. It really only took about 15 minutes, but there were a lot of little spots. It’s all clean now though!

I guess we’ll see what tomorrow bring!