Very Long Short Week

April 20, 2012

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Ahhh… man, it’s been a long week (and it didn’t even begin until Tuesday!). And I’m finally sitting here in my jammies with a (decaf) latte, listening to Johnny Cash. I can thank Ansen for the inspiration, but it fits the mood of this cloudy day. Some of the laundry is done. Most of the dishes are clean. You can see the floor of our bedroom again. The baby is sleeping. I just finished a couple of loads of laundry. Now to recap this crazy (fussy) week.

I don’t know if Avelea is having a growth spurt, teething, out of her routine because of travel, or all of the above, but she has been mostly fussy every single day this week. I know babies sometimes just need to cry, but seriously, I have a perpetual headache from the constant wailing. We did have a tiny little bright spot today, though.

Daddy made her laugh. Like a real laugh. She only did it once and wouldn’t do it again, but it was distinct. She’s had a few “ha!” sounds, but this was a “haha!” Maybe tomorrow she will do it again?

Anyways, I promised an update on my almost forgotten “garden.” And it’s still alive… kind of. The potatoes (black pot) are growing like crazy! The tomatoes (orange pot) are sustaining. The basil (blue pot) is slow going…

I do have a bug problem though. My poor mint (orange pot) is being eaten up by tiny little mouths. I decided to move it away from the edge of the grass, maybe make it harder for the tiny mouths to find. The lettuce (green pot) from last year (it went to seed & replanted itself!) is doing ok. The new babies are sprouting. The yellow pot… well… I think I planted chives. I don’t remember. Maybe I forgot to? But nothing is coming up.

We’ve been talking about making a raise garden bed (since we can’t seem to keep weeds out of the ones at ground level). So maybe next weekend we’ll tackle that project? Or maybe we won’t and pots will be enough for this year? We’ll see, but the tomatoes will need to be transplanted soon before they get much bigger.

Welp, I think that’s about all I got for tonight. Tomorrow we (Ansen and I) get to go on a date! Vonda has begrudgingly agreed to watch miss Avie. (She’s only been asking us when we need to go on a date since the first time I brought Avie to visit daddy at work.) We’re going to go watch the Hunger Games! I’m sure Ansen will have plenty to say about it, so you can look forward to that.

5 thoughts on “Very Long Short Week

  1. I’m trying to grow herbs too. The basil IS slow to come up, compared to everything else. Hopefully this batch does better than the ones i tried to grow in college – those ones sat on my duplex counter and grew about an inch, and then never grew again. I’m pretending that my herbs are a practice run for like a fish or maybe a big plant, and then a baby down the road, so it feels like there’s a lot invested in my little parsley and cilantro sprouts. Miss you! :)

    1. Man, if keeping plants alive was a prerequisite to having a baby, I think we would die childless! Haha. Miss you too! Somehow, we need to see one another. Maybe we need to have a Skype date!

  2. Hey Dri! Was wondering if you’ve tried “hanging gardens” using PVC pipe? I think my friend found it on Pintrest. Jim and I are trying it out this year to keep our dogs out of are garden areas. We haven’t had a garden yet because of them. When we first moved in, the previous owners had bushes planted in the back yard and every other one was a rose bush. Somehow our dogs managed to tear out every single bush and didn’t even cut up there mouths on the rose bushes which I thought they would. Oh well, we’ll see if these PVC hanging gardens will work for us.

    1. No, I haven’t heard of this! I’ll have to check it out. We’re still thinking we might do a raised bed, so if that doesn’t work out this year, maybe I’ll give it a try.

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