Week 3: Menu

May 31, 2012

by — Posted in Food

After a long weekend, it always takes me a while to get back into the swing of things, so this week has been a little helter skelter. Anyways, when I was shopping last week, I ran into a friend who asked how the challenge was going and said something to the effect of, “are you eating, like, good food?” So I thought I’d continue to share our menu so you all know we’re not starving or eating gruel or something. So here’s what we’ve had/will have this week from what I purchased last week:

Spicy Pasta – Monday night Ansen made this with our Farfelle, some white sauce his mom sent back with us (we did have white sauce we could use if not), chicken, some chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (we always keep these on hand) and a can of tomatoes.

Ribs – Tuesday, I decided to bake the country ribs using a trial thing I got from Pinecone Research. I can’t say more about it right now because that’s part of the deal when you get stuff in the mail to try, but suffice it to say it was YUMMY! We also had baked potatoes and corn.

Pizza – Funny how things just fall in place. I decided I would make veggie pizza, then Tuesday Ansen brought home a bunch of basil someone brought to work because they have oodles. So, Wednesday we made pesto pizza with some artichokes (bough a HUGE jar from Sam’s a couple of months ago and we just keep them in the fridge), tomatoes and cheese.

Baked Chicken – Tonight, we’re going to bake some chicken. I haven’t decided if I will use the Louisiana fish fry coating (because it could be good) or the other trial from Pinecone… I guess we’ll see. I think we’ll do some green beans or salad and some kind of grain side (not sure what yet).

Nachos – Friday night we’ll have some nachos of some sort. I’m also planning to make some burritos tomorrow to freeze for lunches.

Sushi – So this is actually not a part of the budget. Saturday is Ansen’s birthday and this is what he decided he really wanted. We decided we could splurge a little and it wouldn’t be a part of our $30 challenge, so I bought some salmon (like $20 worth!!). However, whatever we don’t use will later come out of the budget later this month because we’ll be eating on it for a long time.

I’ve got a running list of other things we can make next week including steak stir fry, baked potato bar, hamburgers, breakfast and a few other things, but I’ll post on that next week. And I’ll let you know how the freezer burritos go!