The New House!

I’m sorry for the delay in posting new house pictures. But you know, you want the room to be settled before you broadcast it on the internet… and then you don’t remember to take pictures during the daylight, so you […]


Settling Into Our New Home

We are finally settling into our new house. Thank you Jesus!

So moving itself was about as painless as moving can be, thanks to our awesome friends and family (and my packing strategy). Closing was… not. But it did finally happen. The floors didn’t get finished on time and then of course, 3 days after we move in, the garage door breaks. And, to make matters worse, the garage door guy wasn’t quite sure how to fix it, because it wasn’t installed properly to being with and over time broke the door, rendering it completely unusable for a week and a half.


Moving is hard. Closing is harder.

Thanks to the wonderful support of our friends and family, we successfully moved into our new home.

Special thanks to my mom and dad for watching our girls as we struggled through a difficult week and made a difficult decision to go ahead with the move even though the closing didn’t happen. And to our friend Chris and my dad who helped Ansen move our ridiculously heavy refrigerator. To my sister, Erica, for watching the girls while we were in and out moving stuff, even though they did NOT want to be away…


Super Awesome Packing Strategy

We’re moving! In like… 3 weeks! So I have to share my super awesome packing strategy, which seems to be working pretty smoothly so far. A few hiccups, but I’ll share those too.

As Ansen said, as extroverted as I am, I like systems more than people. So I set up the system before I started packing. Now everything goes smoothly into the system and it gets labeled and color coordinated. I honestly don’t feel like it was much more work than simply packing up, expect maybe the 30 minutes to an hour I used to get everything set up (including the shopping). Without further adieu…