The New House!

September 1, 2016

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I’m sorry for the delay in posting new house pictures. But you know, you want the room to be settled before you broadcast it on the internet… and then you don’t remember to take pictures during the daylight, so you wait for the next day. Only, then there are 2 little monsters terrorizing the very room you’re trying to photo. So here’s what I have! (Sorry they’re phone quality.)

Walking in the door:


Looking back at the door:


From the living room into the dining room:


The kitchen:


The girls room:


And the other side:

IMG_20160704_204002 Master:

Master bath (loooove this tub!!):


Guest room (a work in progress):


Now we’ve done a few little projects to make it feel more like home, but I’ll have to share those another time. For now, here’s a few things we set up while moving in that are especially fun.

To start, this is my “baking cabinet”. All baking products go here. Just below, my Kitchenaid. Those cute little baskets our friends left for us? They hold the Kitchenaid attachments. This was my mom-in-law’s idea so that I could whip up a batch of cookies in 15 minutes or less if I remembered the morning of, that I needed to bring cookies to kiddo’s event. Haven’t had to do that just yet… but it’s certainly been practical.


Second, we put all the pots and pans in drawers. At first, I thought this was a bit weird, but because I was used to only having a few drawers in the old house, I didn’t miss them. AND, it’s been exceedingly practical. Besides the fact that we cannot remember which pot/pan is in which drawer, it’s so much easier to pull out one thing than to have to lift all the pots out and find the one below. Plus things aren’t getting scratched up with other pans sitting inside of them.


I thought I had a picture of my photo collage wall, but alas, I do not. So another time. But did you see my floors? Aren’t the gorgeous! While I don’t love sweeping and mopping more because you can see everything on dark floors, they are beautiful.