My name is Seifer. I am a dog. Want to go on a walk? I love to go on a walk.

Also I love you. I love people. Except when they come in my house. Then I bark at the people. Sometimes I bark at things I love. Sometimes I bark at things I hate. Lots of times I bark at nothing. I am the best at barking. I have to bark loudly, so everyone knows that I am the best at barking.

There is a dog on the other side of the fence. He seems nice. I bark at him a lot. I have to. I must to protect my people from that dog every day. It’s a lot of work, but I bark at him every time I go outside.  That way my people know I love them.

I do love my people.  Our leader is tall and plays with me, but he sometimes gets upset with me when I throw up on the floor. He is the boss, so I do what he says. Unless there’s a good reason not to, which happens often.  I love our mom too, but sometimes she doesn’t know what is best, so I consider her advice optional.  My younger sister alternates between being really friendly and really obnoxious. Typical. The new dog… well, she pulls on fur, so it’s best to stay out of her way.

Want to play with my rope? I love to play with my rope.

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