Hi.  I’m Avelea.  It’s pronounced AY·vuh·lee.  I don’t know why my parents chose it.  I guess they like strange names, just look at theirs.

I like to look at stuff.  Sometimes I look at people’s faces, but other times that is boring.  My favorite thing to look at is ceiling fans.  They always seem to be above me.  I like them a lot.

My main focus right now is trying to figure out how to use my voice.  Now…I’ve got crying down, trust me.  But there seems to be other noises I can make as well.  Sometimes I can coo or sqeal, stuff like that.  I don’t even always do it on purpose.  One time my dad made the most terrifying face at me and I let out a squeal and scared myself even more.

Other hobbies of mine include eating and sleeping, and hanging out with my mom.  Often times I try to do all three of those things at the same time.

There’s also this furry thing that sometimes sticks its nose in my face.  My parents always tell me its mine, but I’m not sure I want it.  It kind of smells and it looks funny.

Oh!  Guess what?  I think I have hands.  The other day I was just minding my own business, when all of the sudden this crazy appendage came out of nowhere and hit me in the face.  I couldn’t believe it.  I got pretty mad.  But then the appendage came back, so I put it in my mouth.  I’m starting to think I might be able to control it, but I’m not sure how.

I guess life is just kind of confusing right now.  Don’t worry though, I have a feeling that I’ll get things figured out soon enough.

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