Hey! My name’s Ansen.  I play the role of husband, father, and resident expert of video gaming in this family!

I’m originally from Topeka, Kansas, and moved to Arkansas in 2005 to attend John Brown University.  It was there that I met my lovely wife Amandria, whose name I promptly changed to Dri (just kidding).  After dating for 11 months, we decided we were ready to get married. Or…ready to get engaged for another 8 months and then get married.  I’m still not sure why our culture puts couples through that.

In any case, get married we did in July of 2007.  I graduated from JBU in the spring of 2008, and began working full-time for a radio station in the area.  I continue to work there to this day, yea, even unto the very end of the age.

Ever since then, it’s been a series of milestones for our family.  In 2010, we decided that we needed a furry little animal to run around in and terrorize our house, so we got a dog named Seifer.  Then we decided that our furry little animal wasn’t nearly as much fun as having chubby little babies! In early 2012, Avelea arrived into the Bayer household, and Arwyn followed in 2015.

It’s definitely been an adventure. Feel free to follow along with us and see what happens next!

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