What System Do I Use?

Let’s say you’ve recognized that you need a budget. And you’ve even written one out on paper (or an excel spreadsheet). But now how do you practically live it out? There are a couple of schools of thought. The big […]

Where Do I Even Start?

Budgeting can seem overwhelming. It’s downright scary to face the facts and see what’s really there. But there’s good news! Facing it head on with a plan will get you where you want to be a whole lot faster than […]

What Even is a Budget?

Budgeting is a passion of mine, because I have tasted both the weight of debt and the freedom of budgeting. Let me start by saying that Ansen and I don’t have it all figured out. However, we have worked through […]

New Year: Same Old Passions

It’s a new year and every talks about New Years Resolutions. Most of us have broken them by this time. I don’t really get into them because, let’s be honest, if I need to start something new, I’m not magically […]

Financial Freeze Results

Welp, the results are almost in… like tomorrow is the last of the month and really, what more do we have to buy tomorrow? Except maybe some ham… because it’s Easter and we don’t have any. Isn’t that what you’re […]