Summer… In A Cup!

July 12, 2013

by — Posted in Food, Life at Home

Guys, it’s summer! And you know what that means!?! Well, for me, not a whole lot. I’m not a teacher and I don’t have kiddos in school. BUT I guess, since I work with college students, I kinda have a break (except for all those church fairs and orientation booths and such). It also means that I’m lazy. Summer is like, the perfect time to do nothing. As kids, for several summers, we had a pool pass and we literally spent almost every day at the pool. That, my friends, is the epitome of summer.

But since I can’t spend the day at the pool, the next best thing is… frozen drinks! They taste like summer… in a cup! I have a love/hate relationship with my blender, mostly because I try to use it like a food processor (even though I have one of those now and it really does do some things MUCH better). But the real problem is typically that my smoothies are too thick and an air bubble gets trapped around the blade, so it’s all spinning and chopping and what not, but nothing is touching it. I have mangled many a good spoon handle trying to remedy this. But I think I have finally perfected my smoothie and I need to share it with you.

1 heaping cup frozen fruit (any kind, I prefer mixed berry, but this tropical mixture is more… tropical?)
1/2 c plain yogurt (vanilla or other flavors work too, just maybe omit the sweetener later)
3/4 c milk (I went for almond milk because I had it and it has fewer calories)
1-2 Tbs honey (to taste)
2 Tbs rum (You can omit this for a vigrin, but I found this to be crucial to easy blending (and peace with my blender), since alcohol has a lower freezing point, but it’s not enough to overpowering. I’m kind of a light weight like that.)

Put it all in a blender and blend until smooth! Makes 2 servings. Serve with a straw!

Also, let me just say, I made this with no intention of being “skinny”, but the calories are actually not too bad on this one. By my calculations, it’s 70 for the fruit, 60 for the yogurt, 90 for the honey, 45 for the almond milk, 128 for the rum (yikes!) for a total of 393. Divide by two servings and you have a nice 196.5 for one serving. Which is better than a cupcake… and more summery!

Stay tuned, because I have another frozen drink I’m working on. This one involves coffee!