Frozen Coffee

July 31, 2013

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This post has really taken too long to write. I mean, I wrote part of it like a while ago. But this recipe took a little extra time to finalize. Partially because I’ve been trying to eat healthier (and not have dessert EVERY night) and partially because this one just really has to be right. But you know what? I think I got it! Just for fun… here’s what I originally wrote…

It’s really summer now. Like it’s been in the 90’s several days (although we had a weird cool front there for a week where it was only in the 80’s… wha?) and there has been at least a few pool days and I can no longer wear jeans. It’s just too warm. Also, I know it’s really into summer now because Walmart has rolled out their school supplies this week. Come again? School supplies? Yes. I purchased a pack of Crayola (are there any other kind?) Crayons for $.50 and a pack of my favorite pens for $1.

Blast from a month ago past! Anyways, as I mentioned, I have a love/hate relationship with my blender, but we are reconnecting through our mutual love of frozen drinks. This one is possibly my favorite because it involves my favorite drink: coffee!! It does take a little intentionality in that you need to make coffee and freeze it in an ice cube tray before beginning. So, a little planning ahead and you should be good.

7 cubes of frozen coffee (done ahead of time)
1/2 c milk
1 Tbs flavoring syrup or 2-3 Tbs creamer (to taste)

The short version: Add to blender and blend. Makes 1 serving, or 2 small servings.

Just look at those frothy layers!

The long-winded version, AKA the explanation: First, I brew a cup of coffee. I use my Keurig, but however you brew coffee is great. Even what’s left in the pot from this morning would work. Then pour it into an ice cube tray. Mine takes about 10 oz to fill and has 14 cubes. If yours is different, you may need to adjust. Freeze several hours or overnight.  The frozen coffee cubes break up more easily than regular ice cubes, like a slushy.

Blend 7 ice cubes with 1/2 cup of milk and 1 Tbs flavoring (I use DaVinci Almond, or Torani Almond Roca, ’cause that’s what I have). I know 7 is a very specific number, but this is what I had to nail down. 6 is too watery and 8 is too much for the blender to handle and leaves big chunks. Though 8 is good if you want to throw a little extra half and half in there. Also it’s exactly half of the tray, so I can make one for me and one for Ansen!

The flavoring is totally adjustable, but I find that more than 1 Tbs is too sweet and overpowering. I’ve also tried with almond milk instead of cow’s milk… but it left much to be desired. The real cow’s milk gets a tiny bit frothy when blended and creates the perfect consistency. A bit of half and half or whipping cream certainly wouldn’t hurt. This one also isn’t too bad on the calories either. Just what’s in a half a cup of milk (’cause we all know coffee is all water) and the creamer or syrup used. 65 for the milk and 35 for the syrup, which ends up being 100 calories! Much better than a 100 calorie snack pack.