Y la montana se movera!

February 12, 2006

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And so ends another weekend.

This weekend was a good one…it contained all the necessary elements to create excitement. Ice skating, sitting on couches, snuggling, staying up late, playing the guitar, swing dancing, line dancing, not going to bed till 4:30, giving relationship advice to friends, plotting someone’s…er…disappearence/demise, and…of course…playing Xbox.

Monday approacheth tomorrow. Wellness is first up tomorrow, which is too bad. Luckily, however, I have devised a way in which I can keep myself entertained. Allow me to explain.

All people, it seems, have certain “crutch words” which they use as time fillers. Most people use things such as “like” or “um”. My wellness teacher uses the phrase “right there”. Which is weird. Who says that? I mean…besides him. PLUS, he always sounds like he has a mouth full of spit. This is most evident when he tries to say the phrase “simple sugars”. Usually his sentences come out something like, “And sho you should try to shtay away from shimple shugarsh right there.”

Anyway…I have decided to count how many times he uses the phrase in one 50 minute class period. Last class a new record was set at 122. Insane.

Now it is time for audience participation. If you had a perfectly round room in outer space and it began to spin at an extremely high rate while you were inside…would you stick to the floor and experience artificial gravity? Andrew seems to think no…Peter seems to think yes. I think I’m going to go to Wal-Mart.

9 thoughts on “Y la montana se movera!

  1. Spinning doesn’t really have anything to do with gravity does it? Gravity has to do with the mass of an object. The more mass, the more force it has pulling you to the center of itself. Therefore, I’m pretty sure, even if it did have to do with the spinning, you’d end up in the center of the spinning round room… thing.

  2. A few days ago I did the pretzel with a girl (I haven’t danced in about four months) and almost threw her into the wooden frame of a bunkbed. She told me she loved me. I didn’t believer her and instead went to save some infants from a burning building. Try to figure out which part of THAT story is true (hint: everywhere where I appear awkward)

  3. Ahah, but Dria, if an object is spinning at great velocity in space, it has the effect of generating gravity. That is how the earth has its gravity: it spins!

  4. Earth does not generate gravity by spinning. Earth generates gravity simply because it has mass. (That’s how all things, including people, generate gravity.) However, it is theoretically possible to simulate gravity in outer space by spinning the spaceship really quickly.

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