Time Budget

September 11, 2012

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This whole time budget thing seems to be working ok, but last week was kind of a bad week to judge it. We left for Little Rock on Thursday morning and Tuesday and Wednesday were spent preparing to leave (aka doing laundry and packing bags).

Aaaand…. then Monday I didn’t really have a plan either, so I floundered all day with what to spend my time on. BUT I printed out a new time budget for the rest of the week and put together a plan. It’s busy, but I think I got everything in it that needs to be. I just have a lot of work conflicts to work out for next week because I wasn’t on top of things before the new schedule came out. That’s the fun part of having a part-time-schedule-always-changing type job.

How about you? How have you been able to budget your time on the things you find important? Did you carve out some time this week for something on your to-do list?

2 thoughts on “Time Budget

  1. Dri, I love this idea :) Knowing me, any kind of time budget I created would get super out of control and complicated really quickly, but I might give it a shot! I think it would definitely help me fit some yoga back into my life – it’s been getting the shaft recently.

    1. Yeah, I don’t get much yoga in, but I do go every Thursday morning to Laurie McKinnon’s still. It’s a gentle yoga class, but at least I get a few poses in.

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