The Waiting Game

June 15, 2014

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It’s been 6 and a half weeks. I wish I had some news to share with you. I wish there was something happening. But unfortunately, there’s not.

We’ve had lots of showings on our house. Two open houses. Probably 8 or so different couples have looked at it. Some even seemed serious, but we have yet to have anyone come for a second look. No offers.

Now it’s a waiting game. Our offer was contingent on our house closing by June 20th and we are literally days away. That’s not going to happen, but the sellers have graciously offered to extend the contract. The details are still unclear about how long or to what extent.

We just have to wait. And waiting is hard. It’s hard to keep the house clean enough to show at any moment. It’s hard to not know what’s going to happen. To not be able to plan too far in the future. To keep Avie from all her favorite toys and the messy things we would do if we didn’t have to keep everything perfect. It’s hard to know what to do while you wait.

I keep thinking that if I just learn whatever lesson God is trying to teach me. Or if I just do this certain thing to make it happen (like I joke that we only found the new house because I bought a return address stamp for our current address). If we drink the champagne that I bought for when we do sell, maybe then it will happen. But the truth is… it’s none of these things. Waiting for some magic thing to make it happen is trying to manipulate God. He can’t be. He is a holy God who’s ways are higher than my ways. And for me to even comprehend what he’s doing here is like me trying to explain to my 2 year old why we can’t go swimming in the winter or why she can’t watch her favorite movie for the 2nd time today. It usually ends up with her not understanding and crumpled to the floor screaming “but I want to!” I’m really trying my best not to be in that posture. I’m trying to “let go and let God”, but man it sucks. And it’s hard when you just want what you want. We’re really all 2 year olds, aren’t we. I am.

For now, I’m busying myself trying to finish Avie’s baby book (first year) scrapbook. I keep telling myself I need to finish it before I start another one, so I’m really focusing on that every evening that I don’t have other plans. I’m doing it month by month (because I need organization when it comes to scrapbooking), so I have one page that’s a calendar and then 3 others for photos. So far, I’ve managed to get finish through April… mostly. I’m missing some pictures for some reason, so one page in February isn’t finished yet. But hey, it’s progress. And probably progress I wouldn’t otherwise have made. I mean she’s almost 2 1/2 now, so I’ve had plenty of time. Maybe I’ll post some pictures soon of my favorite pages so far.

Maybe I’ll have good news soon!

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