The Big Number ONE

January 31, 2013

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Well, it’s official. Actually it’s been official for about a week. I have a one year old! Insert obligatory cliche comment, “Man, it went by so fast, I can’t believe it’s already been a year!”

Ok, now that we got that out of our system, it really as been an amazing year. It started off rocky. I mean, really those first few months… it’s a good thing you’re sleep deprived so it’s all a hazy memory because seriously, it’s hard. (Insert obligatory “it’s worth it”). It just shows how much I really love her. Next time, if I could just skip that part, I think I’d be ok with that.

But then, they start getting fun. They start babbling and sitting up and looking at things. Eventually, they start intentionally reaching for them and playing with them. You start to see this whole little person develop right in front of your eyes. Their personality starts to emerge. They have opinions about things and desires past food, sleep and diapers. It’s slow and fast all at the same time. Like, one day they can’t do something and it seems like it will be forever before they can and the next day, they’re doing it. And gosh darn it, she’s so stinkin’ cute!

More specifically, Avelea, at one year:

Knows signs for: eat, more, all done, dada, dog-dog, night-night (sort of) & bye-bye

Can say: dada, dog-dog, ni-night, diaper (weird, huh?) & mama (sort of)

Can: clap, sit unassisted, give kisses, give hugs, wave, crawls, stand (almost unassisted), walks around things, has taken 2-3 steps, push buttons, point to your nose

She has 2 teeth, both on bottom.

Eats: sweet potatoes, peas, pasta (especially rotini), yogurt, pears, bananas, and just about anything small and soft

She sleeps 12 hours at night and still takes 2 naps, an hour and a half each (except today… she’s still awake)

To celebrate all of her accomplishments, we had a fantastic birdie themed birthday party for her this past Saturday, with lots of friends and family. We had a Mexican buffet for lunch:

Avie’ enjoyed her taco mess… but you see that pile next to her?

It was her discard pile. All the things she didn’t want:

She enjoyed her very own smash cake with a little birdie on it:

She was pretty full from lunch, but she did finally dig in and play with it:

Then we opened lots of birthday presents:

See all those presents? She has some really great friends and family!

And of course, we had cake and ice cream for everyone else!

Yes, we made that cake. Can you believe it? Me either.

Such a fun day to celebrate the little Avie Lady and her first year of life. Here’s to many, many more!

Want to know about our birdie themed party? Well, that’s great! Tomorrow, I’ll post about all of our preparations!


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