Spring Cleaning

March 31, 2012

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Since we’ve had the windows open for the past 2 or 3 days, I’ve begun to get some spring fever! Today, I decided to spend my afternoon finishing what I started weeks ago: cleaning out my closet. After having a baby, there are maternity clothes to go through, put away, give back to their rightful owners… and a few to keep out, at least for a little while. Unfortunately, you can’t just go back to wearing all your old clothes right away, for some, not ever, so I had to go through everything else, trying it all on and figuring out. I came up with a few other categories: clothes that fit, clothes I’d like to fit again, clothes that there is no hope for, and clothes that just don’t quite fit the same anymore. After having many piles, I finally consolidated and bagged it up:

Ansen also filled a bag with shirts he has recently upgraded. Blurry Seifer would like to think he helped too, but really he just rolled in them and ran off with socks. This doesn’t show the 2 bags I have to give back. Thanks friends for the borrowed maternity wear! (By the way, a great frugal tip: maternity clothes are expensive. Find a friend or two you can borrow from and share with. It really expands your wardrobe without costing you a ton! Garage sales & consignment sales are great too because most people don’t wear their maternity clothes long enough to wear them out.)

In America, we have a pretty cushy life, even for a lower income family.  In some places in the world, people only have one or two sets of clothes, and here I am with plethora shirts and enough pants to wear a different pair every day, not to mention dresses, skirts, sweaters, etc.  So, in the interest of living more simply, for every new piece of clothing I get, I try to give away (or occasionally trash/repurpose) a piece of clothing. This is slightly more difficult right now when I feel like I have few things I can actually wear. But, as things get back to normal, I hope to begin doing this again. Now if only I could spring clean the rest of the house. One thing at a time.

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  1. I LOVE your new site! I’m excited to keep up with you guys and your cutie pie baby this way :) Miss you!

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