Slow And Steady Wins The Race

June 14, 2013

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The office that I made my “New Year’s Resolution” is slowly, but surely taking shape.

1) I bought a desk for crafting – $32

2) I painted said desk – $34.77 (paint, trim, new top, brackets & supplies)


adding brackets for a larger top (top in the background)

attaching said top with trim

our make-shift paint booth… which didn’t work because it was too cold outside for the sprayer to work well.

Finished… minus the pencil drawer I was fitting with organizers.

3) Made shelves & painted with free samples of this fabulous melon color – $13.46 (for a new saw blade & wood)

4) Painted the whole room light gray with the help of my sister in law – $20.68

5) Painted the accent wall… again with the help of my sister in law – $26.81 (for paint and frog tape)

6) Bought more shelf brackets at a garage sale – $3

7) My mom found two matching mattresses for us from a friend who was moving – $25
She’s giving us both and taking the one we have, since she only needs one.

8) Sanded and shortened two pallets for the bed frame

Total = 155.72

Still left to do:

>chair for the craft desk
>new, smaller desk for Ansen’s computer
>smaller office desk chair
>finish sanding other two pallets and paint (with remaining accent wall paint)

It’s so close I can almost taste it! I think this truly is a whole year’s resolution!