Sleepy, Sleepy Baby

March 18, 2012

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Side note – I broke my promise already, I didn’t post last Wednesday or Friday. I have several excellent excuses, like Sharathon, being super busy, and my mom being in town, but I still didn’t post. Maybe this week will be better? On to the main attraction:

Sleep is a hard thing for a Bayer… at least for our littlest Bayer. She’s a sleepy, sleepy little girl, but she just won’t take a nap. She sleeps pretty well at night, but to take a nap is like torture to her. She’ll fall asleep for 10 minutes while you hold her, but go to put her in her bed and the eye lids fly open as though to say, “I’m awake! Don’t put me down!”

After reading Healthy Sleeping Habits Happy Baby (or at least parts of it), I understand the importance of learning to sleep well, but I’m still at a loss for how exactly that works. The book has several plans of action, yet none of them really fit our situation, or her age, or explain what to do if it’s not text book. Trying to let her cry it out isn’t really working (at least for daddy).

Tomorrow I am going to try to put her down for “schedule” naps and see if we can make any progress. We tried last week, but I was gone and my mom was here (which I really appreciated, but nothing was really normal). Now that she’s almost 8 weeks old, I think we need to start a soft schedule. I’ll update how it’s going on Wednesday.