Sleep Update

March 21, 2012

by — Posted in Baby

As promised, a new post!

As an update after 2 days of sleep training (Monday and Tuesday) little Avie lady is doing ok. We have had some moderate success. Monday, we took a “nap” in the morning in my bed. She didn’t really fall asleep on her own, but I got some much needed sleep. Then we got up and ate, and played, and I “caught the wave,” so to speak, of her sleep, and put her down for a nap at just the right time! I put her in her bed, drowsy, but still slightly awake and not a peep. She slept for an hour. Then I had to run errands, so she slept in the carseat the whole time for 2 hours.

Yesterday I caught the wave again and she took a nap in the morning for just over an hour where she yet again went down on her own, no crying. She woke up and we played. She took another almost hour long nap after some food and playtime. After this one she got kind of fussy again and wouldn’t sleep when we laid her down. (Ansen was home sick this afternoon… poor baby.) I think she knew daddy was home and wanted to see him. She ended up sleeping on me so I could get a little nap in this afternoon. She napped on and off all evening. I finally got her to bed about 9:30 and she fell asleep completely on her own. She didn’t even have her eyes closed when I laid her down!

Hopefully today we can get some good naps in so I can do some gardening… if that’s what you want to call it. More on that to come!