Projects That Kept Me Busy

December 17, 2012

by — Posted in Baby, Crafting, Life at Home

Interestingly enough, in the middle of being completely unmotivated to live life, I managed to work on a few projects. I think the main reason was because I had a deadline for returning the serger. While I know my mom-in-law may have let me keep it for longer if I had asked, I decided I didn’t want to know because I needed the deadline of Thanksgiving. Otherwise… none of this would have happened.

And, to be honest, a majority of this happened toward the very end.
But here’s a snapshot of what’s been keeping meet busy (before Thanksgiving)

There are 3 sleep sacks, 3 pairs of leggings, another pair with a matching shirt, a resized skirt and a shirt dress (made from a boys t- shirt). Of course this doesn’t include all the shoes and boots that I have also made. What has been keeping you busy?