Let the count down begin!

One Week. Seven Days. 168 Hours. That’s my due date. I mean, I know that something like only 5% of babies are actually born on their due date… and that first babies are usually late, but I seriously only have a week left until this hypothetically monumental day. I’m not yet begging for an induction or anything, but I am definitely getting anxious. It’s like riding the Detonator at Worlds of Fun… you never know when it’s going to shoot you up in the air and shake up your entire world, but you know it’s coming soon! 

So to occupy my time, I am going to attempt to post something every day. We’ll start with updating all the projects that are now mostly finished now and then we’ll see where we go from there. Stay tuned!

About Dri
I’m Amandria, known to many as Dri. I’m a wife, momma, and handy woman. I grew up in Haysville, KS, a suburb of Wichita, but moved to Siloam Springs, Arkansas in 2005 after my senior year of high school to attend John Brown University... [Read More]
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