It Is Late. I Need to Pack.

June 4, 2005

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My home page is set to my blog, so when I opened up internet explorer to begin this post, I noticed that there were three comments on my previous post. When I had checked earlier in the day, there were but two, and so I clicked on the comments link and read Tiffany’s typings. I then proceeded to copy and paste the link she posted into my address bar. I went through the whole entire thing, wasting entirely too much time eating different types of cereal, working overtime at McDonalds, changing the amounts of food on my plate, changing tv channels, writing and re-writing journal entries, and doing it all over again. Finally, about half an hour later, I have finally begun my original intention.

So, it is now 12:22, I am listening to Yellowcard, and I leave for camp TODAY!! I haven’t packed yet. I was greatly distressed to learn that Abe will not be attending this year, and was also greatly distressed to learn that my favorite shirt is dirty. I am also distressed to learn that I can’t recieve my grade card until I find…

1) A “Senior English Book” that I don’t have.
2) A calculator belonging to the school that I probably do have. Somewhere.
3) A “Sport Uniform”. I find this odd, because I haven’t played anything but golf for the past couple of years, and our golf shirts are ours to keep. Silly school.

Now, naturally, you are expecting me to say something to the extent of “I’m not going to be able to post for the next week since I’ll be at camp.” or “Most girls would rate me as having the same level of hotness as Orlando Bloom.”

But I’m not going to.

All girls would rate me as having a higher level of hotness than Orlando Bloom, and I am going to post every day this week via cell phone!! You’ll be able to live the whole camp experience along with me! And not only me. I’m going to be having special guests talk about their camp experiences each day. This is something that you aren’t going to want to miss! So click on my advertisements and listen to my posts! And I’ll give all of you guys a high five and post pictures of myself for all you girls!!

Just kidding.

Anyway, that’s about all I got for tonight. Tomorrow it’s off to perhaps the most exciting week of the entire summer. If only a few select people were coming (you know who you are) it’d be perfect. I’ll miss you!!

13 thoughts on “It Is Late. I Need to Pack.

  1. Are you listening to the same yellowcard CD that I stole from the back seat of matthew’s car while he was at deeper life because he foolishly left it unlocked with windows open with a CD in plain view that I replaced before he got back after making a copy? Cuz that’s a good one…

  2. 6 more hours before camp…

    Oh, and I’m glad you liked the stupid “Day in the life of a McDonalds worker” thing… I’ve wasted a lot of time on that before…

  3. Ansen, I’m sorry I’m not coming, buddy. Just not the right time for me to leave for a week. I will check your blog every day to keep up with ‘whas happinin’ at camp. Get people to say hi to me, and tell me they miss me terribly. I’ll talk to ya when you get back and you can tell me about all the stupid stuff Kyle did. Later- Abe

  4. Has anyone else noticed how Ansen didn’t follow through with his promise?? I haven’t seen any audio posts and I think they’ve been at camp for like three days. What’s up with THAT?!

  5. Well, technically he didn’t promise, and also technically his statement happens to be in the paragraph followed by a ‘just kidding’

    I don’t hold him liable, he’s clearly got a disclaimer

  6. Ten bucks* says he’s been dialing the wrong number for those audio post type dealies. That, or he’s been unable to make a connection.

    *payout pending


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