In The Midst of Bi-polar Weather

May 3, 2013

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It was hot and then it froze and then it was perfect… and then it snowed. If you’re anywhere in the midwest, you know what I’m talking about. I won’t say “crazy Arkansas” because it’s happening in Kansas and Missouri and Oklahoma… heck, I think even Nebraska has had some bi-polarity going on.  Crazy midwest. Seriously spring, get it together.

But on one of the “warm days” (I think it was 80 at some point last week, right? I didn’t just imagine that) I bought Avie a wading pool. Walmart ran out of the littlest ones (for $10) and the new ones they have out that are the “littlest ones” are now $24.95. Gah! But Harp’s to the rescue. They had 3′ diameter pools for $7 and 4′ for $10. As a frugal lady with a 1 year old who literally won’t know the difference, I opted for the smaller to save a few bucks. All she’s going to do is splash in it anyways. It will use less water, and possibly be a tiny bit safer.

And of course we had to play in it.

But that didn’t last very long. The water was chilly, so she had to run around…

(Look, that’s my garden back there, which I hope doesn’t die after the snow today and predicted snow tomorrow!)
And splash…

And be beautiful…

And sit in the chair like a big girl… only naked so she could dry off…

And cry because we can’t go back “ous”  as she calls it…

Poor girl. This cold weather is killing her. It was in the 40’s today and we had to go “ous” because she was just dying.

Nana and Papa came this weekend to help move aunt Laticia back home from college for the summer. And this is what we woke up to:

Anyway… they got to see all of the fun new things Miss Lady Tator Pants is doing. Like all of her new words: ous, wanna wanna baa or bla-ler-bla-ler baa (wanna take a bath), schooose (shoes), no, bah (ball), boo (book), nose (which was formerly “noh”), lala or lah-ly(lovey) and I know I’m forgetting some. She’s had “words” via sign language for quite a while (and of course mama and dada), but it very recently hit me that she’s actually saying words now. It’s fun and I look forward to her new words.

I also feel like she’s doing everything again for the first time. I keep forgetting that this is not her first… fill in the blank. She’s just so different now than she was last spring that it feels like it’s happening afresh. Like when we go visit Mimi and Poppa, it will not be the first time she’s been to their house, but now that she’s walking, it’s going to seem like the first time she’s ever explored their house!

Also, I used me cereal box trick on one of my unruly kitchen drawers. Now I just need to buy some more cute wrapping paper so I can cover it and it will be perfect. I kinda like this whole organizing-without-buying-organizers thing!

Oh, and don’t worry, I’m still plugging away at the last few things on my 30-day cleaning challenge. I cleaned out the car tonight, so that’s one more thing to check off the list! And I fixed the sun screen for the car too… but more on that later.