Happy Birthday to Me!!

September 6, 2011

by — Posted in How to Grow a Kumquat

So Monday I turned 25. I celebrated on Sunday with the in-laws. We had red velvet cupcakes with delicious cream cheese frosting. I celebrated Monday with my hubby. He made me shrimp alfredo and together we made an apple streudel. I celebrated today, aka Tuesday, with a snicker’s cake at staff lunch, and a trip to Crabby’s. Crabby’s was complete with calamari appetizer, a “cup” of seafood chowder, 5 HUGE shrimp (the size of a small dog), AND keylime pie. So that makes about 2,000 calories in desserts alone in the last 3 days. I know I’m pregnant, but I’m not trying to gain unnecessary weight either. Maybe I need to fast from desserts for a few weeks. Oh, but there’s a wedding this weekend. Crap.

So turning 25 feels kind of weird. Turning 24 didn’t really seem all that different than 23. But now, it’s like… I’m an adult… like a real one. Like I can rent a car without paying exorbitant extra fees. I can drive a 15 passenger van (not that I need to now). I’m halfway between 20 and 30. What? When did this happen? I guess time waits for no man… or woman. Here’s to 25 more! Baby girl will be 24 by then. Who knows, she may be married with a kiddo on the way too!