December 5, 2012

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The end of October also means… Halloween! Avie’s first opportunity to dress up in costume. While we didn’t really trick or treat, downtown Siloam had a fun little event with all of the stores and businesses handing out candy. We got just enough for mom and dad, and a “my first Halloween” bottle from a thoughtful business.

No, I actually didn’t make this costume. I found it at the Rhea Lana sale back in the spring. It’s a 9 month suit, so I thought, it will be perfect… I should have known she would be tall! So it was actually a little too short, but it worked. A week or so before Halloween, I saw a dog costume that would have been perfect: a sheriff! For some reason, I didn’t buy it. When I went back to get it… it was gone. I couldn’t find another one anywhere! So, no horsey and sheriff, but we did have a sweet little horse.

Our precious little horsey watching our neighborhood fill with more kids than can possibly live here. Seriously, people come from all over town thinking we have the good stuff. It’s a little frustrating because we’d actually like to hand out candy, but we would have to spend a ridiculous amount just to make it an hour without running out of candy. So, we just don’t. Sorry kids. If your parents took you to your own neighborhood, you might get more candy than from all the people who ran out or have decided it’s too expensive to even participate in our neighborhood.

Of course we had an adorable candy corn underneath her outfit too because it got too hot while visiting daddy in the studio. “Baby’s First Halloween” and some bright yellow leggings I made from a t-shirt!

Speaking of leggings I made, I have to show off these adorable grey pants that I made from an oversided t-shirt. I almost got 2 pairs… but I didn’t do it quite right and ended up with 3 legs. :( I sense a miss matched pair coming on soon.

Modeling her cute bum. They’re long (and coming over her feet), but she will be able to wear them all winter!!