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July 20, 2005

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Wow. As you may be able to tell from my lack of posting, it has been a busy couple of days…doing what you ask?? THIS!

Yeah. But guess what? We’re finally done! The demo CD has been created, and we’re just working out the kinks (volume leveling, space between tracks, etc. Then we’ll print the covers and stuff and we’re off to the races!!

For your personal happiness, here some previews of the new CD:

Track listing:

1. Revolutionary Love (3:33)
2. We Will Dance (3:01)
3. Undignified (3:32)
4. Now That You’re Near (3:51)
5. Noise We Make (3:15)
6. My Everything (4:38)
7. O Praise Him (4:56)
8. We Are Hungry (4:09)
9. No One Like You (2:18)
10. An Untitled Tribute (Graduation Song) (4:45)
11. Always (4:55)
12. Welcome to the Club Remix (7:42)

You want more you say…very well. How bout…prelim cover art??

Alrighty kiddos. There you have it. Don’t forget to comment if you want a CD. If you’ve commented on the last two posts then I already have you. More tidbits are coming soon, so stay tuned!!

10 thoughts on “Freelance News…

  1. I’m diggin’ the cover, though I think you should make the album name smaller or something…otherwise it looks like it just says “Freelance Revolutionary”, like one phrase.

  2. I agree with David because that’s how I read it and I was like “what?”

    I’ve posted on your other two post but I havent said that I want a CD yet. Actually I want 2.

    One to play and listen to and the other to keep nice so I can have it and show it to you when you’re all old men who can’t walk.

  3. Oh yeah, I STILL need your senior pictures. If it’d be easier, just give them to Matthew. Or just mail them to me. hehehehehe.

  4. Hey, sweet cover. I am very excited about the new addition to my music collection. Everyone will be like, who’s that sweet band? and I’ll be like that’s Freelance. And they’ll be like, who’s that? and I’ll be like, you wouldn’t understand. They’re just the coolest band in the Topeka.

  5. Yeah…that’s not the final picture. At least one (or possibly both) of the lights on the ceiling are going to be removed, the back will be lightened so you can see David and Kyle better, and the text will be formatted.

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