A New Coffee Table

I wrote this in October and apparently never posted it. Ooops. So here’s the story of my coffee table, a little late. With a lot of help from my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, we made a coffee table to celebrate my […]

Build-Your-Own Sundae Bar Birthday

Being 8 months pregnant, I decided that if Avie was, in fact, going to have a birthday party, it had to be simple. I’m sort of torn between the fun, excitement of having a birthday party and “does a 3 year old really care?” I settled somewhere between, being the “guardian of birthdays” (which I recently discovered I am in a Myers-Briggs test). We can have a party, but keep it simple… or as simple as this crazy let’s-do-all-the-things momma can be. So we did a build-your-own sundae bar!


Play Kitchen

For Avie’s birthday, we decided that it would be really fun to give her a play kitchen for all of her kitchen-type itmes to go. After checking out the plastic ones that are rather cheaply made, but not cheap… I though, “hey, I can make one.” And then, after looking for an end-table to turn into a kitchen, immediately regretted that decision.

But, my parents (and siblings) graciously let me have this one:


A Big Girl Bed

Nesting this time around does NOT mean sanding and staining a crib and changing table/dresser. Because luckily, I’ve already done that. But it does mean moving big sister into a new big girl bed. The thing is, I didn’t like […]

Slouchy Shirt Tutorial

I think I forgot to tell you about the slouchy shirt I made. This is the shirt that I bought from Old Navy and I love it. It’s the perfect slouch, just loose enough, but not entirely shapeless. So I […]