Change of Plans

I said I was going to start writing again. And I am. But not here. I’ve decided to retire “Ansen Lays It On”…because I’m just not really doing much of that anymore. But really, I’ve decided that this blog represents […]

And Again…

To answer my wife’s question, I’ve returned to write a new blog post. I’m going to start a new blog, in addition to this one. Why? So I can have two. Why would I have two if I can’t even […]

God is not Advil

Dri and I have recently made a new committment to do devotions together as a couple each morning. Today we read/talked about Joseph. The reading was talking about staying away from temptation, but as often happens with me – I […]

Darn Spammers…

As I am prone to do occaisionally, I went back through some old blog posts and read them again – just for the fun of it. But you know what I found? Spam. Lots and lots of spam. Apparently, in […]