Anniversary Fun

July 28, 2012

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Well, today is officially five years of marriage for Mr. Awesome and I. It feels longer and shorter than that. It’s been difficult and fun and crazy and exciting. Funny, looking back at who we were when we got married, we wonder how we could have possibly known each other well enough to get married, but the more we learn, the more we realize that there is no one better for us. I think I speak for both of us when I say that we make each other better people. I make him spend money. (He is a bit of a miser afterall.) He calms me down when I’m having a panic attack. (I do happen to be a bit of an escalator.)

So today, we had some good family fun by doing some shopping. But first, we needed to use our free chicken sandwich meals from Chick-fil-A. Please know this is not a political statement, we just had coupons and enjoy our chicken sandwiches. Apparently, Avie is pretty excited about waffle fries. (Sadly, she isn’t quite big enough to enjoy them.)


Then… we went shopping. We have never had real bedroom furniture. We have a dresser and we have make shift night stands, but we want something that goes together and works with our style. We do have a headboard I made when we painted our room and redecorated, so we don’t need that. We’re just looking for 2 night stands and a long, low dresser, maybe with a mirror… on a budget. We have $255 we saved from last Christmas, and $277 saved in our large household fund, but we’d like to stay under that if possible. We also want quality pieces, not just the standard Walmart or Target stuff. We checked out Furniture Factory Outlet. Honestly, they had some of the best prices. Then we went to Sam’s Furniture. They were a bit above our price point, so we went next door to their Outlet. It was 104 degrees this afternoon, so we had to cool off:


Unfortunately, in all of these stores, we didn’t really find the pieces we were looking for. That’s ok, patience will pay off. But we had fun looking. We did find some that we liked, which helped us to know what each of us were looking for and to know if our price point is even reasonable. We decided to keep looking and as we do that, we’ll be accumulating more in our household fund and potentially be able to raise our price point (not that we want to).

Tonight, we’re going to make fettuccine alfredo with bay scallops and then tomorrow we’re getting a sitter so we can hit the town!

Happy Anniversary to us!