All We Do Is Eat!

July 16, 2012

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I would have posted this last night, but we got distracted by watching The Mentalist and drinking coffee floats (a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream, some cold brew coffee and a little half and half). So anyways, yesterday was quite a fun day and I have more than ONE picture to share (therefore beating my photo challenge!) After church we went to the Auntie and Uncle’s house to hang out with the family before the headed back to Little Rock. They made us some yummy lunch…

And although Miss Avie didn’t want to take her nap, she sat contently in Grandpa’s lap while we ate:

We hung out for a while and saw all of their fun projects before heading home. Then a crazy thing happened, it started raining while the sun was brightly shinning:

Eventually we finally got hungry again and made some delicious fish tacos!

We used Swai (which is similar to catfish, but any white fish will do) and cut it crosswise into strips. I battered it in my favorite batter recipe (which I will have to share sometime) and fried it, just until the batter was solid because they will be refried in the corn shell to crisp it up and allow it to keep it’s shape. Then top with shredded cabbage and thousand island (or you can substitute cole slaw if you prefer). We have a deep fryer, so that’s what we use, although you could probably get the same results using a pan and oil on the stove top. You will just need a lot of oil in order to have it deep enough that the shells can be fully covered. OR you could use taco shells that are already formed and just fry your fish separately.

How was your Sunday?

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